Prague Arts Tour

A Walk in Karlín with Culinary Experience - S6

Insight into the life of the most dynamically developing historic Prague quarter, along with a chance to taste proper grandma-style Czech cuisine

This tour brings together a gourmet experience in a typical Czech brewery and discovering Karlín, one of Prague quarters overflowing with life, little cafés, restaurants – shortly a flourishing, original neighborhood. Both components of the tour are in equal proportion – half and half.Karlín, first of Prague suburbs, was born anew in 2002. Although probably no one expected this to happen, this quarter lost its “black soul”,  its former characteristics, and transformed into a unique locality, where Classicist and Art Nouveau architecture  harmonically combines with industrial architecture, originally revitalized by a renowned Catalan architect Bofill. Nowadays also new office buildings add to Karlín´s original look – many of them won renowned architecture prizes and form the so called River City located in place of a former lively harbor. Our meeting will also be an occasion to talk about everyday life in our country, to compare the life during the communist regime with the life today and to reflect on how our lives have changed after democracy was reinstalled.

Owing to the culinary revolution currently sweeping the Czech Republic, we will have the occassion to try out restaurants, where meals taste like those our grandmother would cook, and a nice café. Careful selection of ingredients, delicate meat from the best Prague butcher and beer flowing endlessly from spigots and served in five different ways!

Another option is a hyper-modern restaurant where they truly emphasize food presentation in order to create surprising visual-taste experiences. This restaurant also uses the highest-quality ingredients, as was traditionally the case in the countryside, however, all this is presented with a new twist. We can wrap up our tour by stopping at one of the newly-opened stylish cafés.


3,5 hours


Number of PersonsRate per tour
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2206 € = $258
3246 € = $308
4300 € = $375
5340 € = $425
6391 € = $489
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