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Theresienstadt Concentration Camp with Private Guide - H4

North Bohemia: Concentration Camp

The Terezín Baroque fortress consists of two parts, fortifications, that have the layout of an enclosed star. This served the Nazis to first turn the smaller fortress into a Gestapo prison, and later, use the larger fortress as the infamous concentration camp Theresienstadt, that is nowadays, a bit surprisingly, the city of Terezín again. Even though this was not an extermination camp, prisoners died mostly from malnutrition and various diseases. Paradoxically, these hopeless conditions during WWII gave birth to many exceptional artistic undertakings (concerts, theater and opera shows, cabaret shows as well as works of art), because this is where some of the most prominent European Jewish artists were jailed. How is such a thing possible? The Third Reich needed an exemplary concentration camp that could be, in case of need, shown to the doubters and used to dispel news about the bad treatment of Jews. Upon the inspectoral visit of the Red Cross, the Nazis didn’t hesitate to build fake bakeries filled with fragrant goods or a soccer field inside the camp.

The tour of Terezín includes both a visit to the former Gestapo prison, as well as various places within today’s city of Terezín, the former concentration camp. Some visits will be to museums evoking history and the incredible cultural life of the camp, while others, such as the recently discovered prayer room or the columbarium, crematorium or cemetery, are places that invite your solemn contemplation.

The visitor may choose between two tours of different lengths. We will always pick that which will interest you more.


The price of the tour includes the cost of transportation and guide services. We calculated the listed basic price for transportation using a luxury minivan for the minimal duration of the tour. Please add 15 € or $20 for every additional hour.

Terezín / Theresienstadt – minimal duration = 5 hours / minivan*
Minivan 1-3 people + guide200 € = $245
Minivan 4-7 people + guide220 € = $270

*Alternate modes of transportation are available for this tour by bus. The price is considerably lower than using the minivan. We’ll be happy to provide you with a tailor-made calculation.

Why is there a surcharge for a longer tour? Occasionally the tour is prolonged in order to visit a particular monument or allow more free time. In any case, all of this depends on your desires.

Entries to the monuments form a rather small part of the overall cost of your trip. You will pay for them separately and directly. We will include information about entry costs in our e-mail communication.