Prague Arts Tour

The Marionette Theatre

In 1787, Mozart wrote his ‘opera of operas’ for Prague’s Estates Theater and personally conducted its premier there. The National Marionette Theater now shows this exceptional opera work in a unique adaptation especially for the marionette stage. It uses large-size marionettes in period costumes. The show is conceived as an homage to the times and the environment in which Mozart lived; it’s an authentic 18th-century spectacle that was enriched with minor modern arrangements that pleasantly and humorously enliven the show.

Each of the opera acts is introduced by the great master himself, a prankster who engages the audience with his spontaneity and jokes, eliciting bursts of laughter from the audience. This exceptionally successful performance has already been attended by over a million spectators. It was also chosen as the gala show for the celebratory ending of the International Marionette Festival in Charleville-Mézières in France, a venue considered the Mecca of puppeteers. The show takes places in the unique environment of an Art-Déco style theater and is sung in the original Italian. Yet, without a doubt, it’s Mozart’s engaging music that serves as the main communication channel. Don’t miss this unique opportunity and allow yourself to be carried on the waves of this eternal music, as well as the talents of these renowned art of Czech puppeteers!