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Prague and Music with Private Guide – S5

The city that breathes music at every step…

This tour that will take us to two Prague quarters situated on both sides of the Charles Bridge and introduce us to Prague as one of the main European centers of music. It’s certainly not an accident that the expression “Every Czech is a musician” became traditional.

Our tour will follow the traces our two significant Czech composers, Antonín Dvořák and Bedřich Smetana left on the capital, but our main interest will focus on W. A. Mozart, one of the greatest composers of all time. He came to Prague three times to enjoy its friendly and inspirational atmosphere. Credit for that goes particularly to his aristocratic friends from the Free Mason circles, who took great care of him, as well as the opera singer Josefina Dušková with her husband, a composer, who provided Mozart a family-like environment. We will walk through the places related to his Prague stays and operas that he conducted here. We will learn how he was influenced by the endless ovations, as well as the painful rejection of the audience at the Nostitz Theater that was then newly built. Today, it’s the only historic theater that still exists in the world in which Mozart was active, known as the Estates Theater.

As we walk and talk, we will naturally notice the ever present historic monuments. We can organize the tour so that it ends in front of one of the below listed museums that you can then visit.



One of the most representative churches in the Czech Republic, an icon of Dynamic Baroque. The interior of this church is richly decorated with Baroque sculptures and impressive illusion-creating frescoes. Mozart himself used to play this church’s organ that features over 4000 pipes. His dear friend opera singer Josefína Dušková then took on the sad task of singing Rosetti’s Requiem upon Mozart’s death. While Vienna was silent, over 4,000 Praguers came to pay their respects…

We recommend a visit to the following museums:


The unique collection of this museum is on display in a former church, the Classicist interior of which was enhanced with galleries and an impressive staircase that  amplify the experience of the display. In particular, it shows a very valuable collection of musical instruments. You can also admire various curiosities including hammer pianos or unique orchestrations and glass harmonica.


Also here the location of the museum is symbolic – you will find it in the charming Baroque Villa America, reminding us of the composer’s extensive stay in the United States and hence the name of his most famous New World Symphony. Also this classically designed museum offers exhibits presenting key aspects of life and work of this famous Czech composer with a Moravian soul. The local beautiful Baroque hall hosts evening concerts.


Located in a beautiful Neo-Renaissance house in a symbolic spot on the Vltava river bank (recalling the title of his most famous composition). The classically designed museum offers its visitors exhibition spaces displaying the most important stages of life and work of this iconic Czech composer.


3 hours according to your choice of sights


The listed rate is a price per HOUR OF GUIDE SERVICE FOR THE GIVEN NUMBER OF PERSONS. Yours will be a private tour, so these would only be the number of people you travel with and for whom you order. We most often structure Prague tours into ½ day blocks (3-4 hours each). To get your expected total tour price, multiply the hourly rate by the number of hours. You will then pay for the actual number of hours guided during your tour.

Number of PersonsHourly Rate
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440 € = $50
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643 € = $54
More personsIndividual calculation

In the following form, we will be also asking you about:

  • Which of the above sights highlighted with a mark would you like to visit inside, beyond the scope of the basic walking tour? You will be asked to pay for entries to the sights directly on spot to their respective box offices.
  • Which length of tour would you prefer from the above mentioned scope.