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Olomouc (UNESCO SITE) with Private Guide - D4

North Moravia: The Spiritual Center of Moravia with over a Thousand-Year History

According to the Lonely Planet guide, Olomouc is one of the hidden treasures of Moravia, so-far overlooked by tourists and still waiting for its discovery. Speed trains connect Prague and Olomouc and a comfortable train ride takes two hours, during which you can enjoy your breakfast.

Olomouc is a pearl of Baroque architecture surrounded by greenery. It is the second largest heritage city area in the Czech Republic, following Prague. Today’s seat of a university and archbishopric, the city was a spiritual center of Moravia for more than a thousand years which is reflected in its sacral architecture at every step. During our tour of Olomouc history, we will enjoy examples of Roman, Gothic as well as Baroque architecture and visit the Archdiocesan Museum that exhibits numerous artworks of exceptional quality (for example, the Sternberg Madonna that will enchant you with its delicacy and sophistication of craftsmanship).

The historic center is located around two main squares with countless fountains, a Renaissance municipal house and an impressive Column of Holy Trinity (a UNESCO heritage site) that is the third largest sculptural monument in the country.

Yet the city streets also carry a somewhat sleepy kitschy atmosphere left over from our Communist past. A witness to the ideology of the former era as well as a major tourist attraction in the city is the astronomical clock. Rather than saints and apostles, this one features the heroes of Communist work – a laborer, a repairman, an athlete or a milkmaid. For a brief moment, they take us back to an era that is luckily a part of the past.


The price of the tour includes the cost of transportation and guide services. We calculated the listed basic price for transportation using a luxurious express train.

Olomouc – minimal duration = 9 hours / train
Train 2 person + guide250 € = $295