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Český Krumlov (UNESCO SITE) with Private Guide - D1

Southern Bohemia – The Historic Town and Stunning Castle

Český Krumlov is a fairy-tale town that has sustained its Gothic and Renaissance character despite the centuries that have swept through it since. Its main focal point is a chateau proudly towering on a rocky promontory. When we look at the town on the opposite bank of the Vltava River from here, it seems as if it was a small island encircled by a meandering river. It’s an architectural gem set among the forests of South Bohemia. Picturesque medieval houses, some of which were reconstructed in the more majestic Renaissance style, characterize the historic center of the town. The area is a pedestrian zone, with cobblestone winding streets lined with tiny shops, cafés and restaurants, offering surprising views of the town. We can also find the Cultural Center of the iconic Austrian painter Egon Schiele, whose mother was born here. The town often became an inspiration to this exceptional expressionist artist. The Center is located in the former Renaissance brewery, hosting various temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

On the way to Krumlov, your guide will inform you of the many wonders of the Czech Republic, and once there, you will enter the chateau garden, the castle courtyards, and the town. You may have lunch in a typical restaurant with medieval cuisine on the bank of the Vltava River and enjoy the wonderful view. We highly recommend this tour.



Tour of the largest chateau complex in Bohemia includes a visit to the chapel, Renaissance interiors of the Rosenbergs, Baroque interiors of the Schwarzenbergs, a hall displaying a golden carriage and the impressive Masquerade hall. The tours are available from April through October.


An absolute rarity of its kind – the only theater in the illusive Baroque style that is so well preserved it still occasionally hosts period operas. The tours are available May through October and require prior booking.


Just a few steps away on the other side of the river, a little Art Nouveau house with a garden contains true treasures. For decades, this building housed a photo atelier belonging to Josef Seidel, a Sudeten German who made it one of the most prolific ateliers in the entire Czechoslovakia at the time. We will tour the house and his atelier as well, including preserved photographic equipment of the time, learning the touching story of a family that was directly affected by the difficult times of war and its subsequent Communist dictatorship, yet wasn’t broken by them. As your visit ends, you may choose to be photographed in his original atelier and, if you wish, even in a period costume.


Egon Schiele, a famous Czech-Austrian painter and a student and friend of Gustav Klimt, spent the summer of 1911 in a small house in the picturesque Vltava River bend. This is where he painted scenes inspired by the city, as well as portraits and nudes. Yet local people were upset by the artist’s freewheeling lifestyle and, in particular, by his painting pubescent girls, so he was forced to leave the city later that year. Nonetheless, a visit to the place connected with him is a pleasant reminder of this exceptional artist and his stay.


One of the oldest St. Mary religious sanctuaries in the country. Located in the midst of the picturesque, rolling, forested landscape of Southern Bohemia, it is just a stone’s throw from Český Krumlov. The Church of the Ascension of St. Mary represents a beautiful example of Gothic architecture, yet its interior is strictly Baroque, creating a surprising contrast among these two styles, that is rather characteristic for the Czech lands. However, the goal of our journey will be the legendary miraculous sculpture of Virgin Mary of Kájov, located in the oldest part of this medieval architectural complex, the Chapel of the Death of Virgin Mary, built in the 13th century. With its sense of peace, this unusual place invites us to a quiet contemplation and indeed feels almost magical.


The price of the tour includes the cost of transportation and guide services. We calculated the listed basic price for transportation using a luxury minivan for the minimal duration of the tour. Please add 15 € or $20 for every additional hour.

Český Krumlov – minimal duration = 10 hours / minivan*
Minivan 1-3 people + guide340 € = $415
Minivan 4-7 people + guide360 € = $440

*Alternate modes of transportation are available for this tour by train or bus. The price is considerably lower than using the minivan. We’ll be happy to provide you with a tailor-made calculation.

Why is there a surcharge for a longer tour? Occasionally the tour is prolonged in order to visit a particular monument or allow more free time. In any case, all of this depends on your desires.

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