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As an enthusiastic tour guide, as well as a tireless globe-trotter myself, I established a platform where curious and cultivated visitors to Prague could hire a tour guide of extraordinary quality. That’s how it all began years ago. Today, our portfolio is considerably broader – look around and perhaps we may soon meet in Prague…

I wish you a pleasant and enriching stay.... Jana Preti



  • Cultural tours that make sense - Prague Tours, as well as Trips Outside Prague and to Neighboring Countries with private, sophisticated and educated guides
  • Tours for families with children and student groups ♡
  • Tours for people with limited mobility, with the optional rental of a mobility scooter
  • Custom-tailoring of interesting and unusual culturally-oriented programs in the Czech Republic and Central Europe, designed for individual travelers, groups of friends or partner travel agencies. I am both a creative operator and guide in one, which guarantees my dedicated interest in maintaining exceptional quality, as well as notably lower prices.


  • Quality concerts, folklore shows and other cultural events, custom-organized for private groups including sale of tickets for exceptional performances – carefully selected from the infinite options that Prague offers in this area and where the differences in quality can at times be stunning
  • High-standard Vltava River Cruises in elegant historic vessels – with music, a private concert on board, unusual catering…
  • Transfers to neighboring countries with stops in interesting places along the way that may include a guided tour

I’ve been here for you over twenty years

PRICES – because we provide exclusively private tours, our prices are slightly higher than tours offered by agencies organizing large groups, often held in multiple languages at the same time.

We Love What We Do and Deliver Exceptional Quality

PRIVATELY GUIDED TOURS – my website offers an unusually rich selection of Prague tours focused on culture, guided tours of galleries, as well as half-day or all-day trips outside Prague, many of which are off the beaten track. Along your journey with us, you will learn about history, arts, customs, religions, languages, crafts and cuisine of our country. My tours are always custom-tailored to your interests and time constraints and exclusively led by licensed guides. I specifically select truly sophisticated guides with deep cultural knowledge and excellent language skills. I personally guide in Spanish, French and English. For us, each tour is an interesting opportunity to meet and share a cultural experience. Click here to learn more about me.

Jana Preti, guide, owner and manager of Prague Arts Tour

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Mosaic Tours and Trips

  An advantage of our web presentation is that it quickly gives you an idea about the components from which you may choose to compose your tour… that’s why we call them Mosaic Tours…

  What is a Mosaic Tour? The description of each tour is its basic version. We recommend that you choose guided interior tours of various monuments right here on the website. In essence, you will put together a tailor-made tour according to what specifically interests you in the given selection. You submit a simple form and we will contact you to finalize all the details.

  The length of your tour will change according to your selection of what’s most interesting to you and we always discuss this with you. The variable length of tours also changes the price depending on actual hours spent together. See the hourly rates here.



In addition to my basic walking tour around Prague, my website also enables you to choose sights to visit for a guided interior tour. This way we can put together a tailored mosaic of your visit, specifically designed for you. Once you determine the time frame, we will select the ‘best of’ from the given route.

The Prague tour lengths are variable, which is why we charge according to hourly rates.

Complete flexibility – feel free to begin early to avoid crowds, change your route based on the current circumstances, or change the length of your tour based on weather or other factors...

In the case of trips outside Prague, the cost of transportation represents a significant segment of the price. You can affect the overall price depending on which mode of transportation you choose (by train, a car with a guide-driver, minivan with a driver, or luxury car with a driver).

The descriptions of tours and trips featured on this website are the result of more than twenty years of personal experience. As such they often differ from what you may find in official guidebooks. Let us take you off the beaten path and discover hidden treasures.

We donate 2% from each guided tour to verified charity projects.

The Greatest Gems Tours




The basic tours of historic Prague are organized into 3-4 hour blocks dedicated to those historic quarters that deserve an overall tour.

Basic tours include these four quarters: Prague Castle and Malá Strana on the left Vltava river bank and Old Town with its Jewish Quarter on the right bank. This offers two entire days of half-day tours that can be combined in many variations…

If, for whatever reason, you wish to hire a private guide for shorter period, it’s important to think through your selection.

Here are some tips:

If you simply want to get familiar with the town, I personally think you’d benefit most from a private guided tour discovering the Prague Castle quarter and touring the former Jewish ghetto. Walking through these quarters on your own, many interesting and important things will remain hidden from you. Prague Castle serves as an excellent introduction to the discovery of Prague’s thousand-year history, including its unique works of art. The old Jewish ghetto is of general interest, not only for history buffs, but providing insight into Jewish culture as such. The exceptional backdrop of the former Jewish quarter and its rich museum collections offer a unique opportunity for such exploration.

 In my view, Old Town is a bit more suitable for individual discovery, because it doesn’t have a unifying story. Malá Strana is ideal for individual romantic walks. Again, even here, it’s true that of course you will learn much more with a private guide and save time. But if your hotel is located in the Old Town or Malá Strana, you can certainly learn more about these quarters with a private guide.

If you only have one day to spend in Prague, I recommend the Prague in a Nutshell tour. It covers all the most important sightseeing and key locations in town and, as a bonus you can relax on a river cruise or in a car with a private driver, as we show you the important sights of the wider city center.

I recommend enriching the basic tour with one of the specialized tours. If you are an art aficionado, you can order a guided tours of essential Prague art collections. I believe our selection is second to none in this area.

 Or simply – write me! Please let me know; a) what do you generally expect from your tour b) if there are any specific Prague sights you’d like to see/visit interiors and c) how much time you’d like to spend with your private guide. I will be happy to create a tailored tour just for you.