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The Lesser Town with Private Guide - P2

A jewel of Baroque architecture surrounded by gardens

Malá Strana or the Lesser Town district is the second oldest one in Prague. It had been a gradually growing town on the foothill of the Prague Castle, on the left bank of the Vltava River, until a terrible fire burnt it down in 1541. After this catastrophe the entire royal town of Malá Strana had to be rebuilt from scratch again – and this is how the jewel of Baroque architecture, today´s Malá Strana, came into existence. Nowadays, we are proud of the exquisite Baroque palaces surrounded by historic gardens. This typical Baroque landscape is the key element of the extraordinary beauty of this district. Many of them became the seats of Embassies (e.g. the US embassy, the British Embassy). Two Lesser Town churches are especially famous for their Baroque style and decorations: Saint Nicolas Church represents an icon of the so called Dynamic Baroque, as well as the Church of Our Lady the Victorious. The latter houses a miraculous statuette of the Baby Jesus of Prague. Hidden corners of Lesser Town invite to romantic walks, one of them will lead us to Kampa Island with its charming millwheels. Or we can take a walk in the area near the so called Devil´s stream (Čertovka). This area is also known as the Prague Venice – little ships can enter into it and approach the former mill´s wheel. From Kampa you can take a staircase to one of the most emblematic sights of the city – The Charles Bridge.




One of the most representative churches in the Czech Republic, an icon of Dynamic Baroque. The church interior is richly decorated by frescos and statues. It houses an interesting selection of paintings by Karel Škréta, an important Czech baroque painter, and also an impressive baroque organ. You can climb up the Baroque balcony and have a close look at the largest European fresco (the apotheosis of Saint Nicolas).


The secret police used to use this bell tower for decades as an observation post to spy on the citizens of communist Czechoslovakia. Nowadays you can see an exhibition here, paying tribute to this sad history. Even the exhibition guide is wearing a real police uniform of that time! And you can enjoy an astonishing view of Prague Castle as well.


Frescoes, and a gallery of Baroque statues, give awesome charm to this unique garden. From its terraces you can enjoy impressive view of the spires and domes of this Baroque district.


3-4 ½ hours according to your choice of sights


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