Prague Arts Tour

Praga masónica con guía privado - S10

El recorrido puede resultar íntegramente concebido con un enfoque dirigido a la simbología masónica que a primera vista queda oculta en el laberinto de las calles de Praga.


3-4 hours


The listed rate is a price per HOUR OF GUIDE SERVICE FOR THE GIVEN NUMBER OF PERSONS. Yours will be a private tour, so these would only be the number of people you travel with and for whom you order. We most often structure Prague tours into ½ day blocks (3-4 hours each). To get your expected total tour price, multiply the hourly rate by the number of hours. You will then pay for the actual number of hours guided during your tour.

Number of PersonsHourly Rate
132 € = $40
236 € = $45
336 € = $45
440 € = $50
540 € = $50
643 € = $54
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