Prague Arts Tour

Mělník & Litoměřice with Private Guide - H6

Two Picturesque Towns Near Prague with a Czech Wine Tasting

We recommend this trip to everyone who wants to experience the easy rhythm of ordinary life in the Czech Republic beyond the majestic confines of Prague – a city so unlike the rest of the country.

What’s ahead of us?

 We will drive through a beautiful landscape nicknamed the ‘Garden of Bohemia’, framed by the impressive tapered peaks of former volcanos that now form the Bohemian Central Uplands. This is the land in which, 14 centuries ago, Czech’s Slavic tribe settled, their leader’s name eventually becoming the name of the nation.

 We will visit a charming chateau that was restituted to its original owners after the Velvet revolution, now in the hands of the descendants of the Czech Lobkowicz aristocratic family. We will enjoy a short walk through Mělník, one of the dowry towns of Czech queens.

 From the castle heights we will admire the view of the confluence of the Republic’s two largest rivers the Elbe (Labe) and Moldau (Vltava), lazily winding through the land and passing vineyards.

 We will enjoy a tasting in a renowned winery from this traditional wine-making region. Their wines won many Golden Awards. We will pre-plan and book this degustation to meet your tastes.

 On from Mělník, we will walk through the enchanting town of Litoměřice that was the seat of Bishops for centuries. Here, one of the viewing towers even had the shape of a wine chalice.


The price of the tour includes the cost of transportation and guide services. We calculated the listed basic price for transportation using a luxury minivan for the minimal duration of the tour. Please add 15 € or $20 for every additional hour.

Litoměřice + Mělník – minimal duration = 7 hours / minivan*
Minivan 1-3 people + guide255 € = $310
Minivan 4-7 people + guide270 € = $325

*Alternate modes of transportation are available for this tour by train or bus. The price is considerably lower than using the minivan. We’ll be happy to provide you with a tailor-made calculation.

Why is there a surcharge for a longer tour? Occasionally the tour is prolonged in order to visit a particular monument or allow more free time. In any case, all of this depends on your desires.

Entries to the monuments form a rather small part of the overall cost of your trip. You will pay for them separately and directly. We will include information about entry costs in our e-mail communication.


Which of the above sights highlighted with a mark would you like to visit inside, beyond the scope of the basic walking tour? You will be asked to pay for entries to the sights directly on spot to their respective box offices.