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Art Nouveau Architecture Tour with Private Guide - S2

Art-Nouveau architecture is widely presented in Prague, similar to the other two main Central European metropoles, Vienna and Budapest. In each of them this style developed into different expressive forms. In Prague we can mostly discover Art Nouveau blended with historicizing styles, as well as the more modern Art-Nouveau inspired by geometric motifs… There are a number of Art-Nouveau palaces, hotels and townhouses in Prague, but one must set out to discover them. The most practical way to do this is to hop on short tram rides across the wider city center. This can be an interesting experience in itself for many visitors. Wherever possible, we will also try to see the Art-Nouveau interiors. If you are interested, your guide will also introduce you to the rare examples of Prague Art Deco or Cubism that is sometimes closely related to Art-Nouveau.



...a one-of-a-kind museum devoted to one of the founders of the Art-Nouveau style. At the turn of the 19th and 20th century he gained renown for theater posters painted for the famous French actress Sarah Bernhardt. The museum collection primarily includes posters and photographs of this world-renowned artist. The approximately hour-long guided tour of the Alphonse Mucha Museum in English must be ordered in advance.


This is an exclusive tour, because each day there are only two or three tours of this house in English. The building itself is a stunning jewel of Art Nouveau architecture and décor: we can take a trip back in time again, this time to the beginning of the 20th century and visit the Art Nouveau Smetana concert hall, as well as famous rooms called the Ladies, small debating rooms, decorated by the best artists of the time – Alfons Mucha, J. Preisler. These rooms are a beautiful example of crafts of the time. This house represents a unique harmonic whole, a beautiful reminder of the luxuriant belle époque.


Bílek was an exquisite artist, a representative of symbolism. He designed the villa both as a house for his beloved family and an atelier where he worked. The villa was supposed to symbolize a field of grains. The guided tour will mainly focus on his wooden statues, inspired by the Bible and spirituality in general. Bílek tried to utilize fully the natural shapes of wood. We will also admire artist´s impressive drawings. During the tour you will see the rooms of the house, expressing the artist´s desire to live as close to Nature and its Creator as possible. He was a man who was able to see beyond the horizon of his time, a visionary, who could sense the facets of reality, which are not accessible for majority of people. Bílek´s works of art can mediate this unusual experience, if only for a moment, and make our soul´s music resonate with his artistic spirit!


If you select this option, then the guide will deliver an explanation directly in the church and end the Art-Nouveau tour here, in the very heart of Vyšehrad. Subsequently I recommend a walk around the Vyšehrad quarter as such. During your tour of this place so mythical for Czech nations, you can either continue your visit with your guide or opt for an individual walk within the fortress that is now an oasis of peace. You will find a park, as well as Slavín, the Prague cemetery where famous figures of our nation are buried. Your steps will be rewarded with beautiful views of Prague from unusual angles.


3 - 5 hours according to your choice of sights


The listed rate is a price per HOUR OF GUIDE SERVICE FOR THE GIVEN NUMBER OF PERSONS. Yours will be a private tour, so these would only be the number of people you travel with and for whom you order. We most often structure Prague tours into ½ day blocks (3-4 hours each). To get your expected total tour price, multiply the hourly rate by the number of hours. You will then pay for the actual number of hours guided during your tour.

Number of PersonsHourly Rate
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440 € = $50
540 € = $50
643 € = $54
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