Prague Arts Tour

Spectacles folkloriques

Although a traditional Czech proverb says “Every Czech is a musician”, of course, there are exceptions to his rule. Nowadays, folklore is mostly a matter of hobby groups or takes on the form of folklore shows. What’s important is that the music always springs from the heart. It has the power to strike that good old familiar chord that most of the time sleeps inside us. That was my main criteria in selecting a Folklore Show I’d like to invite you to.

The show takes places in a peaceful spot downtown, in a restaurant that was recently reconstructed. Its purpose was to create a space big enough to host a folklore show and serve a typical Czech dinner, without losing its intimate character. The musical traditions of the specific regions of our country will be introduced during individual segments. These are primarily from South Bohemia and Moravia, where songs tend to praise the local wines. But we will also peek into Slovakia, where the iconic instrument is the fujara (a shepherds’ flute). However, the instrument most gracefully dominating the evening will be the cimbalom (hammered dulcimer). No folklore group that would be able to succeed without it, or more precisely, without a virtuoso playing it. Naturally, there will also be singing, this time performed by a beautiful singer and hostess in one. There are also a pair of young dancers who will dance for us in authentic traditional costumes.