Acoustic Dictionary

Acoustic Dictionary: it is said that Czech is one of the most difficult languages in the world. We are therefore offering you a very practical tool in order to familiarize yourself with some of the most useful expressions you will need while traveling. You can learn to say thanks in Czech instantaneously, and more if you wish!

1 Thanks
2 You're welcome
Není zač
3 Hello!
Dobrý den !
4 Pleased to meet you
Těší mě
5 Hi!
Ahoj !
6 Good bye!
Na shledanou !
7 Please, I beg you
8 What's your name?
Jak se jmenuješ ?
9 What's your name? (polite)
Jak se jmenujete ?
10 What would you like? (In a restaurant, etc.)
Co  si dáte ?
11 A typical Czech dish
Nějaké typické české jídlo
12 Roast pork with cabbage and some knödels
Knedlo, vepřo, zelo
13 Beef Sirloin with Cream Sauce and Cranberries
Svíčkovou s brusinkami
14 Fried cheese!
Smažený sýr
15 Enjoy your meal!
Dobrou chuť
16 Cheers!
Na zdraví!
17 A beer !
Jedno pivo !
18 Two beers!
Dvě piva!
19 A dark beer!
Tmavé pivo!
20 White wine!
Bílé víno !
21 An excellent Czech white wine!
Výborné české bílé víno!
22 Red wine!
Červené víno !
23 An excellent Czech red wine!
Výborné české červené víno!
24 A bottle of red wine!
Láhev vína - červeného
25 A bottle of white wine!
Láhev vína - bílého
26 Some spring water!
Vodu bez bublinek!
27 Some mineral water!
Vodu s bublinkami! = Minerální vodu!
28 One time!
29 Two times!
Dvakrát !
30 Where are the bathrooms?
Kde je toileta?
31 How much? How many?
32 How much is it?
Kolik to stojí?
33 We are coming from France.
Jsme z Francie
34 We are coming from Belgium.
Jsme z Belgie
35 We are coming from Switzerland.
Jsme ze Švýcarska
36 We are coming from Canada.
Jsme z Kanady
37 Today
38 Tomorrow
39 At night
40 In the morning
41 At what time?
V kolik hodin ?
42 Some stamps, please!
Známky, prosím !
43 Do you have a map of Prague?
Máte mapu Prahy ?
44 Do you have some water?
Máte vodu ?
45 Do you a have French newspaper?
Máte francouzské noviny ?
46 We are looking for…
47 What tram goes to…?
Jaká tramvaj jede do… ?
48 One coffee, please
Kávu, prosím
49 A coffee with cream, please
Kávu s mlékem, prosím
50 A tea, please
Čaj, prosím
51 One black tea
Černý čaj
52 One green tea
Zelený čaj
53 Some tea with a bit of milk
Čaj s mlékem
54 Some tea with honey and lemon
Čaj s medem a citrónem
55 Do you accept credit cards?
Berete bankovní kartu?
56 To the left
57 To the right
58 Straight ahead
59 Today


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